Banner Design Checklist

10 Tips for Killer Banner Design Checklist

Banner Design Checklist

In today’s online world Banner ads are one of the most fertile forms of marketing used. Every company uses them in one way or another. As because they’re an inexpensive, measurable and proficient to increase brand awareness. Moreover, there’s a huge of design work out there for them also.

Therefore, let’s say that you have a customer that requires you to design a banner ad, and let’s presume that they’ve given you with some killer copy. As the designer now it’s your job to make a banner ad that will fetch in those clicks! For designing banner ads, below is a Banner design checklist of tips and general guidelines.

A few tips for effective Banner Ad design.

1. Consider the size

Keep away from fonts smaller than 36pt. In fact, maintain your headline at 144pts or larger, and subheading no smaller than 48pts. However, it should be easy to read at 10 feet away.

2. Leave empty space –

and keep it balanced. This will help your design, and keep it simple enough to read.

3. Think about the lighting where it will be displayed

If the area is shady, use light bright colors; when the area is light, keep away from a bright white.

4. Make use of a single font

Please, Make use of a single font in the design and consider your branding. An unbranded piece doesn’t achieve anything for your dealing.

5. Employ awesome images

Keep in mind the minimum dpi requirements for larger prints. Every photo on banners should be 5×7 and bigger. The additional faces or elements in an image, the more important it should be.

6. Place, where it is going

Will the banner place indoor or outdoor? Did you decide a material that is suited for that use?

7. Keep the text color neutral

The color of Black, White, and Gray be likely to be easier to read and for the brain to practice. Stay away from using yellow and other hard to read colors.

8. Keep in mind to plan for wear & tear

Don’t allow the design get too close to the edge. Borders tend to wear quicker. You’ll lose important design elements when that occurs.

9. It is all about the title

During design, a text-based banner applies a strong, concise headline. Maintain it with a shorter subheading (As for instance your phone number or URL).

10. Incorporate a call to action on your banner

You don’t achieve what you don’t question for yourself!
During designing a banner, there are different important things to take into consideration as mentioned above. While minutely you consider them, your business apparently will be enlightened.

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