interstitial ads vs banner ads

Interstitial Ads vs Banner Ads- Get High eCPM From Mobile Ads


interstitial ads vs banner ads


When I discuss about Interstitial Ads vs Banner Ads it always been a war seriously. Indeed image ads on mobile devices are similar to usual image ads that you’d look on a desktop computer. These ads on mobile devices can utilize for improvement on a mobile website or on an app. Each and every image size that accepts for ads running on desktops is conventional for ads on mobile devices as well. Now image ads can show as banner ads or interstitials in mobile apps. Through the growth in mobile advertising, there is a contest going on between the effectiveness of banners and interstitial ads.

Learn this, Interstitial Ads vs Banner Ads and you will get the tools to select your mobile monetization answer.

Interstitial Ads

Actually, interstitial is total completed-screen ads that obstacles the app’s other content. Frequently they concentrate on the screen for a select number of seconds until an “x” out button presents itself.


Interstitial ads overcome mobile’s biggest barrier, limited real estate by means of consuming the whole screen. Dissimilar banner ads, interstitials bound users to connect by clicking out or clicking through the ads. Because of these steps, interstitials grab users’ outlook and maintain high conversion rates. Interstitial Ads vs Banner Ads make you some sense about the real thing


Interstitial ads hamper users from fulfilling the intended action through forcing them to look at the ad till they can click out.

Numerous users see this as annoying. Therefore, integrating too many of these mobile ads may lead to app uninstalls.

Banner Ads

Generally, Banners Ads, or display ads, are small advertisements that usually takes place at the top or bottom of the screen. At the present, they are the go-to choice in mobile advertising for developers.


As good advantage banner ad design is inexpensive and easy to make, therefore advertisers can push them out swiftly. Consumers don’t mind them, as they can yet interact with the app, uninterrupted. It observed advertisers favor banners as they can aim demographics based on past conducts. As for instance, interstitial ads vs banner ads will help you to make a decision. A banner may come for a user who visited your site prior that day.

Do you remember when the last time you clicked a banner ad was? In fact, Banners are little ads with even smaller text on a small screen. Therefore, they are not visually fascinating on mobile. Usually, they have infamous low engagement rates: the average is a 0.1% CTR. But the situation is now change. The conversion is not upto 40-50%.


If you don’t make it by your choice, color and proper size then it will ruin. Be careful about your banner ad design cost also. Some people differently thing about interstitial ads vs banner ads debate critically.

Banner ad design is one of the oldest forms of advertising online; however, time hasn’t made them ineffective. In addition, Media Post mentioned that 80 percent of brands in a latest HubSpot review yet make use of banner ads to showcase themselves to their target audience.

On the other hand, Interstitial contains top image Impact. It is perfect for Brand or Product opening and it has a great height of engagement and click through. Moreover, it can utilize with Video, Rich Media or Static creative as well. Hope this difference between interstitial ads vs banner ads will help you.

Finally, the decision is yours. Based on your business needs you should use them for your betterment.

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